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Writing for Children Contest

For Aspiring Saint Lucian Authors


Do you have dreams of becoming a published children's author and selling hundreds, even thousands of books? Well, your dreams may come true sooner than expected. My name is Arnold Henry, a father of 2 sons, an author of 4 published books, an entrepreneur and the owner of Piton Books. In order to give back to my birth country of Saint Lucia, I'm putting on a writing contest. I'm in search for the next talented storyteller, but more importantly, this contest is to encourage new writers of children’s literature.


  1. Your story will be published in the form of a picture book and eBook.

  2. Free mentor-ship from start to finish.

  3. All services paid in full, including: editing, copyrights, ISBN's, illustrations, book formatting, Amazon listing.

  4. Receive monthly payments for every book sold.

  5. Get 50 physical copies.

  6. Press release.

Prize Value: USD $5,000.00

Eligible Writers

  1. Must be a citizen of Saint Lucia.

  2. Writers who have never been published.

  3. Writers must be between the ages of 10 to 19 years old.

Entries Rules

  1. Word count: up to ​1500 words or less.

  2. Text only - no drawings or illustrations.

  3. Writers must write their own stories with assistance from parents, mentors or teachers.

  4. Fiction or non-fiction is accepted.

  5. One entry per person.

Entry Fee

  1. FREE

How To Submit

  1. Submit your story in a Microsoft Word document

  2. Include a cover letter on the first page with the following information:
    ~Your full name, email and phone number (if available)
    ~Title of your story
    ~A summary of your story

  3. Attach the Word document file to the email.

  4. In the subject line, include: Your Name - Title of your Story

  5. Email your entry to: Coming Soon!


This contest closes on June 30, 2020.

Entry submissions to be announced shortly!

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