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Arnold Henry is a born St. Lucian and now a Canadian citizen. He is currently residing in Canada with his wife and their two sons. Before he became a published children's book author, Mr. Henry had to face a harsh rejection letter where an agent said to him that stories on African-American fathers is a tough sell. Today, he is living a successful self published dream while promoting fatherhood with his latest publication, Daddy's Mini-Me. He has visited over 85 schools within the past year where he reads to kids. Henry is now working on his new children's books, Mommy's Mini-Me & Patiently Waiting for Hope which is scheduled to be release by 2020.

Patiently Waiting for Hope

ISBN-13-978-1-9992353-1-4 [Hardcover]

Patiently Waiting for Hope is a story for parents and children about faith after miscarriage. Inspired by the scripture Romans 12:12, the journey follows a young boy as he experiences the challenges of becoming a big brother. When his wish upon a star isn’t coming true, his parents take him on a spiritual path that introduces him to God and the power of prayers.

Will his prayers be answered?

Daddy's Mini-Me

ISBN-13-978-0994027269 [Hardcover]

For all the proud fathers who continue to be present in their children's lives.

Daddy's Mini-Me is a children's book about the proud moments of a father as he cheers on the early developmental stages of his baby. It is a much needed storybook with relatable and admirable illustrations that sends out a powerful message of the importance of a father's presence in their children's lives. Inside the book, you will also find a pledge that needs to be signed by the father, agreeing to always be a role model for his children. It's the perfect gift for expecting, new and proud fathers with babies, toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners. Daddy's Mini-Me is a "little" reminder of the significance of presence over presents. A book that will be cherished for years to come.

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