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Patiently Waiting for Hope

Patience. Hope. Faith.

Patiently Waiting for Hope is a story for parents and children about faith after miscarriage. Inspired by the scripture Romans 12:12, the journey follows a young boy as he experiences the challenges of becoming a big brother. When his wish upon a star isn’t coming true, his parents take him on a spiritual path that introduces him to God and the power of prayers. Will his prayers be answered?

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My family's true and inspiring

story of hope after miscarriage

Introducing Arnold Henry

Children's Author

Arnold Henry, (February 11, 1985), former NCAA Division I basketball player, is now a proud father, a children's author, an entrepreneur, a social media influencer, a motivational speaker and a skill development basketball trainer. He is currently residing in Canada with his wife and their two sons. 

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Hanging On To My Dreams is an inspiring autobiography that follows the first 23 years of Arnold Henry, a West Indian basketball player who overcomes many hurdles and disappointments on the road to fulfilling his American hoop dreams. The story starts with a portrayal of Arnold's Caribbean childhood in a difficult household where sports provided a dream and a means of escape.

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