Arnold Henry featured on OMNI TV [Canada]

Culture Avenue - SUNDAYS AT 6PM

Arnold Henry was featured on Culture Avenue, part of OMNI TV [Canada]. In the above segment, you will see the author/basketball player hosting one of his motivational speaking engagement at the International School of Excellence [Calgary, Alberta]. The program was televised on January 20, 2013.

Culture Avenue is a magazine program made up of approximately 10 to 12 reports on events and celebrations from various ethno-cultural communities in Alberta. Every week, Omni teams in Edmonton and Calgary attend eight to ten events per week. Omni promotes these events on Community Calendar, and in Culture Avenue the sights and sounds of these events are showcased.

Arnold Henry on DBS News

A young St. Lucian man, who's based in Canada and whose objective is to play professional basketball, has documented his life story in a new book that was presented to the Governor General of Saint Lucia, Her Excellency Dame Pearlette Louisy. The book is the first for Arnold Henry.

Arnold Henry on Scholastic Sports [Winners TV]

Winners TV features Arnold Henry on Scholastic Sports. The host of the program, Louise Victor, sits down and discusses with the author and basketball player about his debut book [Hanging On To My Dreams], his childhood experiences, the inspiration behind his dreams, the importance of education and what it takes to become successful in today's society.

TV Interview after meeting with Prime Minister of Saint Lucia

After meeting with the prime minister of Saint Lucia, Dr. Kenny Anthony, Arnold Henry was interviewed by Choice News Now (local Television Station). The author gives a brief synopsis of his autobiography, Hanging On To My Dreams, which included domestic violence in the home, financial struggles in the family and runnings with the law. Despite all the obstacles Arnold Henry faced, he never allowed that to stop him. Instead, he overcame all the odds and persevered.

Arnold Henry's Interview on Da Vibe [Choice TV: Saint Lucia]

Choice TV of Saint Lucia caught up with Author Arnold Henry to be featured on the youth segment of the TV program titled, Da Vibe. In this episode, Arnold Henry discusses the motives and inspiration behind releasing a tell-all autobiography, the hopes for his future and then reads an excerpt from his book, "Hanging On To My Dreams".

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