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Created on Wednesday, 07 March 2012 Written by Arnold Henry

VLog: 01 March 2012

Hanging On To My Dreams VLog introduces visuals of my daily activities as I prepare to achieve my professional basketball career dream. I would like to kick off my first ever Video Blog Episode with my most recent trip in the beautiful city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

During my time in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, I stayed at the Friendly Vallarta Resort. Overall, I rate their services a 5-out-of-5 stars for what it is worth. The ever-so-friendly staff also known as our "Amigo" makes all their guests feel like home. The all-inclusive foods and drinks were sufficient. The nightly entertainment at the resort was interesting and engaging.

When in the presence of the local vendors, especially when enjoying the sunny weather and the sounds of the ocean at the beaches, be prepared to be bombarded with merchandises on sale. I was asked if I wanted to purchase an item at an average of 2 minutes per seller. Though it can be annoying, I understood that they were trying to make a living as things are very hard in Mexico. I learned that the minimum wage for an employee was 50 pesos a day…not an hour…but a day! (Equivalent to about $5.00 US a day). So if I did not want to purchase their products, I would have kindly say, “No, gracias.” And if they persisted, I would repeat with a nicer tone as I would not want to hurt their feelings.

Apart from promoting and selling all my copies of my book, Hanging On To My Dreams, the two of my biggest highlights were, firstly, swimming with the dolphins at Aquaventuras Park—#1 Dolphin Company in the world. Finally I was able to meet with my favourite animal in the world (sorry, Puss-Puss—inside book joke).

Click here to see pictures of me interacting with the dolphins.

Secondly, I had a chance to experience “Rhythms of the Night” which I recommend to couples, who wants to have a romantic evening on a boat ride from one end of the shore to another as the sun sets; arriving to a dark, mysterious, lush, mountainous, island-like site with more torches and candles than the cake of the world’s oldest person; to being culturally entertained in an outdoor theatre by locals; to ending the night with a candle-lit dinner literally on shores of the beaches. And the food (buffet-style) was the best I tasted on my entire trip.

Thank you Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and the people who've made my trip a memorable one.

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