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Growing up in the West Indies, it is unheard for a young boy and, sometimes a girl who never swung a bat at a ball. Cricket was the sport we were introduced to and it was the thing to do which brought entertainment to our youthful years. I remembered when I made my first cricket bat. All I needed was

God is the Only Father I Need

My intend is to inspire the world through my spoken word poetry. This is my first ever piece. It relates to my relationship with the Heavenly Father as I believe that He is the only father I need in life.

Book Promo in: Puerto Vallarta Mexico VLog

VLog: 01 March 2012

Hanging On To My Dreams VLog introduces visuals of my daily activities as I prepare to achieve my professional basketball career dream. I would like to kick off my first ever Video Blog Episode with my most recent trip in the beautiful city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

During my time in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, I stayed at the Friendly Vallarta Resort. Overall, I rate their services a 5-out-of-5 stars for what it is worth. The ever-so-friendly staff also known as our "Amigo" makes all their guests feel like home. The all-inclusive foods and drinks were sufficient. The nightly entertainment at the resort was interesting and engaging.

Now Available @ Sunshine Bookshop - St. Lucia


Hanging On To My Dreams is now available at Sunshine Bookshop - Saint Lucia - $68.00 EC per copy.

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Do I Still Sound like a Saint Lucian?

***Unedited Blog Entry***


Ever since leaving Saint Lucia in 2003, I've came across many ethnic groups from all around the world which have encourage me to be heard with my Saint Lucian accent by anyone who can hear me speak. This was my partial way of displaying pride and standing out among the rest. Although I've tried my best to maintain my native accent in Western Canada (or in any foreign country) but, recently a close friend made me realize that I was no longer sounding like a Saint Lucian. I thought to myself, Really? That day I almost had a heart attack. Gason, dat is pure papicho. How is me uh? (Saint Lucian Slang).

First Time Dog Sledding - Lake Louise, Alberta Canada


After spending 18 years on the tropical island of Saint Lucia, I thought, what on Earth was I thinking getting into a dog sled? But then again, I am now living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada—Yes, Canada!—therefore its best I get use to my new environment and “temperature” or else it will be years and years of cold, boring, long winters.

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